What is Cloud Computing? How does it work?

Cloud computing, also known as virtual server computing, is a computer model that uses computer technology and based on the Internet. The term “cloud” is metaphorical for the Internet (based on how it arranged in the computer network diagram) and as a connotation of the complexity of the infrastructure contained within it. In this computing model, all possibilities related to information technology are provided in the form of “services”, which allow users to access technology services from a certain provider “in the cloud “without the knowledge and experience of that technology, nor should it consider the infrastructure that serves that technology. According to the IEEE Computer Society, “It is a pattern in which information is stored permanently at servers on the Internet and is only stored temporarily on clients, including personal computers, entertainment, business computers, handheld computers, … “. Cloud computing is the overall concept that includes concepts such as software services, Web 2.0 and other emerging issues, emerging technology trends, in which the primary theme is Internet-based problems to meet the user’s computing needs. For example, the Google AppEngine service provides regular online business applications that can be accessed from a web browser, while software and data stored on servers. Server space rental server Cloud VPS Server hosting rental Cloud server rental Cloud server rental server VPS rental

In general, just to read the language as above, not everyone understands. Let me explain some concepts:

Cloud (Cloud) here is the server; the server is connected to the internet, used for data storage.

2. Computing: It is understood that computers, computers, computers …. in general, every operation, use, its purpose depends on the Cloud above. Server space rental server Cloud VPS Server hosting rental Cloud server rental Cloud server rental server VPS rental

In the scope of this article, I do not mention the broad issues, and I just said the concept and use of the cloud discussed above: Archive, Backup data …

Storage and backup of data
There are many data storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive (of Microsoft), copy, box or service is quite famous in Vietnam is Klein

These services provide the user with a few GB space (as the current 2GB dropbox is.) With 2gb of storage space for an average user to store documents such as doc, Excel, a few Photo album, …. (Wright is a little bit.) Users will download a software, after installation, the software will synchronize with your computer. File to the partition (e.g. Dropbox) on the computer, the system will automatically download the file to the server of the dropbox (automatically encrypted data). Place server rental server Cloud VPS Server hosting rental Cloud server rental Cloud server rental server VPS rental

Speaking of which, some of you will say: ui dear, the machine does not have any monster that must back up.

A very wrong view. Anyone using a personal computer can use personal data: transcripts, assignments, login passwords, etc., or merely travel photos, video clips of moments. Memories for example. Suppose, your machine is lost or broken?

Today, my hard drive crashed, going to a lot of data like movies, music, photos, articles, documents … But luckily.

1. All my photos are uploaded to Facebook and Flickr before. So pull it down.

2. Document files have been sys to Dropbox. Now reinstall the software

As such, hard drives fail, many data loss but the most valuable data remains. That’s very wonderful