Microsoft cloud outage hits millions of Hotmail users

04-07-2018 - Millions of Hotmail users were unable to access their accounts for at least two hours this morning after Microsoft’s Cloud suffered an outage, according to reports.

Preparing for Your Cloud Migration

04-07-2018 - So let's say you've read our blog about the wonders of cloud computing and you've taken our advice - you're moving to Office 365.

HP announces tentative private cloud service

04-07-2018 - HP has finally announced its long-awaited cloud services offering with the launch of Cloud Compute and will be in direct competition with

Cloud computing and the 4th Dimension

04-07-2018 - According to Wikipedia, in physics, spacetime is any mathematical model that combines space and time into a single continuum.

The Risk of Cloud Lock-ins

04-07-2018 - some of my recent posts, I had mentioned that the risk of Lockins on a Cloud can have a significant impact on businesses running their services on the Cloud.

VMworld and The Toughest Cloud Management Question

04-07-2018 - Last week at VMworld we asked a secret shopper to visit all the major cloud management vendors (BMC, CA, HP, IBM, and CA Nimsoft)

Not Known Factual Statements About cloud9

29-06-2018 - Specifically, Hanks impressively commits to all 6 people he performs, Even though I do want he could've toned it down Together with the around-the-top accents sometimes.

What is Cloud Computing? How does it work?

24-06-2018 - Cloud computing, also known as virtual server computing, is a computer model that uses computer technology and based on the Internet.