How long should you keep cloud data for?

04-07-2018 - One of the most frustrating issues for IT staff (an issue that continues to drive sales of storage [disk or tape]), is how long data has to be kept around.

HDS buys BlueArc, any surprises here?

04-07-2018 - Technically here in the northern hemisphere, it is still summer, so there is another summer wedding to announce.

The Risk of Cloud Lock-ins

04-07-2018 - some of my recent posts, I had mentioned that the risk of Lockins on a Cloud can have a significant impact on businesses running their services on the Cloud.

VMworld and The Toughest Cloud Management Question

04-07-2018 - Last week at VMworld we asked a secret shopper to visit all the major cloud management vendors (BMC, CA, HP, IBM, and CA Nimsoft)

Auto Loan Refinancing – When to Refinance Your Car

14-05-2018 - With interest rates still lower than they have been in the past, an auto loan refinance may have crossed your mind — and it could be a good idea.

Arrival comfortable picking diamonds nobody care

09-05-2018 - Crater of Diamonds in Murfreesboro is the only diamond mine in the world is open free to the public. People can go to search for diamonds and retain this value object.

9 about hair care everyone thought is ‘ truth ‘

08-05-2018 - Regular hair tails trimmed not help hair grow faster as people thought.